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Chiropractic Solutions for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a major issue, but chiropractic care offers a non-invasive and effective solution for many. Chiropractor, Dr. J Zimmerman offers solutions for back pain utilizing chiropractic treatment for back pain relief.
Mar 15th, 2024

Ice Cold Baths and Showers for Mental Health

Each week Dr. J Zimmerman discusses a variety of health topics. This week Dr. J writes about the benefits of ice baths, raw carrots and their health benefits, sweet cherries for joint pain & arthritis as well as pregnancy prenatal chiropractic care info.
Jan 25th, 2024

Do you have Fasciitis? Info for you.

Also, Pregnancy Prenatal Chiropractic Care info from our offices in Egg Harbor Township, Northfield and the Smithville section of Galloway Township
Jan 23rd, 2024

Sepsis treatment that will save your life!!

Doc J Zimmerman discusses a variety of weekly health topics from his chiropractor's desk in the Smithville section of Galloway Township, Tilton rd. in Northfield and Fire rd. in Egg Harbor Township
Dec 26th, 2023

Menstrual Irregularities.

Doc J Zimmerman discusses a variety of health topics each week, including pregnancy prenatal care info
Nov 19th, 2023

Fever benefits

Fever is the body's natural protection for illness
Nov 10th, 2023

Wearing Masks. Were we lied to?

Doc J Zimmerman discusses a variety of health topics including preventing dementia, brain health and learning disorders / cranial adjustments
Sep 17th, 2023

Alzheimer's , Dementia Prevention

Doc J Zimmerman discusses the latest health topics including pregnancy care, childhood vaccine statistics, the benefits of mushrooms and parsley
Aug 6th, 2023

Neck and Back Pain Explained

Doc J Zimmerman of Galloway and Northfield NJ discusses the effects of neck and back pain and how chiropractic can help.
Jun 19th, 2023

Chiropractic and Blood Pressure

Doc J Zimmerman discusses medical studies that report on the relationship between spinal subluxation and high blood pressure
Jun 13th, 2023

Chocolate Health Benefits

Doc J Zimmerman also discusses Covid shot during pregnancy and Pregnancy Prenatal chiropractic info
Apr 30th, 2023