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Pediatric Ear Infections

Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses childhood ear infections and the reasons behind reoccurring infections

May 12th, 2019
What's the cracking noise?

Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses the popping or cracking sound heard during a traditional chiropractic adjustment

Apr 7th, 2019
Chiropractic and Antibiotics

Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses the overuse of antibiotics and how chiropractic care is of value in this discussion

Mar 31st, 2019
Athletic Performance and Chiropractic Care

Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses how the athletic world depends on chiropractic care for enhanced sports performance. Also discussed is the role of chiropractic in sports concussion and pregnancy care for athletes.

Mar 10th, 2019
Pregnancy discomfort and Tylenol

Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses pregnancy discomfort and Tylenol use and how chiropractic care can eliminate the need for pain medications

Jan 6th, 2019
Low Back Pain

Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses chiropractics role in the care of patients with low back pain.

Dec 9th, 2018
Pregnancy Care

Dr. Zimmerman discusses the most common pregnancy related discomforts that women seek treatment for.

Aug 19th, 2018
More Pregnancy Info

Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy

Jul 29th, 2018
Chiropractic and Allergies

Dr. Zimmerman discusses the chiropractic relationship to allergy care and the implications for pregnancy

Jul 1st, 2018
Chiropractor discusses lung function

Chiropractor, Dr. J. Zimmerman discusses recent research that shows chiropractic can be a benefit to respiratory health and overall lung function

Jan 28th, 2018
Chiropractor Discusses the Purpose of Chiropractic

Chiropractor Thought for the Week: The idea behind chiropractic care is that proper function of the musculoskeletal system allows the rest of the body, particularly the nervous system, to function properly as well. When this happens, the body is able to...

Apr 30th, 2017
Chiropractor Discusses Immune System Function

Chiropractor Thought for the Week:  Although chiropractic care is not normally associated with allergy relief or chronic sinus trouble, it offers a profound and medically sound method for improving well-being and fending against common, everyday...

Apr 23rd, 2017