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Is the Pandemic Ending?

Doc J Zimmerman discusses the latest research reports on the path of the covid-19 virus. Plus, Chiropractic and immune system function.

Jan 9th, 2022
Chiropractic and Health

Doc J Zimmerman discusses chiropractic health care and the philosophy of health comes from within.

Jan 5th, 2022
Top 3 Things to Do For Health in 2022

Doc J Zimmerman discusses 3 essential health choices to improve you quality of life and prevent disease Plus, Pregnancy, Prenatal Chiropractic care info

Dec 31st, 2021
Benefits of Green Tea

Doc J Zimmerman discusses green tea and how good it is for your health. Plus, Chiropractic Benefits

Dec 27th, 2021
Knuckle Cracking...Good or bad?

Chiropractor from Galloway, NJ, Smithville area, Doc J Zimmerman discusses the myths of knuckle cracking and the sounds from the spine during and adjustment.

Aug 24th, 2021
High Cholesterol, statins or diet? Covid-19 Update

Doc J Zimmerman discusses how a avoiding processed foods and carbohydrates lowers cholesterol. Plus, Covid-19 update. Are vaccinations necessary for healthy children? Plus, Pregnancy / Prenatal Chiropractic Care Best Chiropractor practices

Aug 8th, 2021
Mushrooms for Health / Covid-19 Update

Doc J Zimmerman discusses how mushrooms can benefit your overall health. Plus: Indefinite immunity from Covid-19 a possibility Plus: Pregnancy / Prenatal Chiropractic Care Info

Jul 3rd, 2021
Lower Dementia Risk, Plus Covid Vaccine Risk Stats

Doc J Zimmerman, chiropractor discusses how to lower your dementia risk. Plus, Covid-19 vaccination adverse reaction stats. Plus Covid-19 vaccination for pregnancy and prenatal care Best chiropractic practice

May 23rd, 2021
The 8 Essentials of Health.

Doc J Zimmerman discusses the 8 areas of your life that need attention for ultimate health. Plus, Covid-19 vaccination update Chiropractic and Pregnancy

May 9th, 2021