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Is High Cholesterol Level Good for You?

Children and Covid-19 infection:  According to vast amounts of data, children are mostly left unaffected by the covid virus.  The ones that do have an issue with more severe symptoms are children with pre-existing health conditions.  The medical reason for children be less susceptible to covid infection is that children’s interferon ( a natural chemical in the body that helps the immune system fight infection) works really well.  According to research, the main reason we see covid vaccinated children acquire covid infections is that the covid shot interferes with and erases the natural herd immunity by inhibiting the interferon pathway in the body that would develop if children were unvaccinated for this virus.


Cholesterol may not be the reason for heart disease:  Recent medical studies point to refined carbohydrates, sugar and trans fats as the culprit for heart disease.  Trans fats have long been recognized as a cause of heart disease and the replacement for trans fats has been widely recognized as vegetable oils. Sadly, vegetable oils may be even more harmful.  Health and Nutrition doctors now recommend avoid oils that come from seeds such as vegetable oil.  When heated vegetable oil degenerates into toxic aldehydes that cause inflammation and damage the gut.  When using oils, non sees oils are the healthy option – avocado, walnut, coconut and olive oil.  Ironically new medical studies are starting to suggest that higher cholesterol levels are contributing to better health and longer life.  Cholesterol is not only beneficial to you body, it is vital for bodily function and is needed for cell development and regulation of protein pathways in the body.   In 2012, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology examined health and lifestyle habits of 52,000 adults ages 20-74.  The conclusion of their study found that lower levels of cholesterol increased a women’s risk of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.   Woman, with high cholesterol ( number greater than 270 showed a 28% lower death rate than women whose cholesterol numbers were less than 183.


Niacinamide ( a B vitamin) can boost levels of N.A.D in the body.  N.A.D typically declines in the brain with age and can lead to cellular and metabolic dysfunction.  Niacinamide may help slow brain aging.  Vitamin B6, B9 and B12 have also been shown to be essential for supporting brain health as you age.


Two More Covid- 19 Issues:  Canadian immunologist, Byram Bridle Ph.D  gained access to Pfizer drug manufacturers biodistribution study through the Japanese regulatory agency.  The research from Pfizer shows that the covid-19 mRNA shot does not stay in and around the vaccination site. Pfizers data shows that the spike proteins from the vaccine are distributed throughout the body within a matter of hours.  This is serious because the spike protein is toxic and has been shown to cause neurological and cardiovascular damage. Pfizer data even shows the spike protein accumulates in women’s ovaries.  Once it is in the blood stream, the spike protein binds to the cells that line blood vessels.  When that happens platelets can clump together and create blood clots or abnormal bleeding.


The Association of American Physicians and surgeons in their latest published paper  (Spring 2023) are urging a halt to covid vaccination to all women of reproductive age.   Their analysis looked at conditions such as menstrual abnormality, pregnancy miscarriage, fetal death and premature delivery.  The doctors state the extraordinary number of adverse reactions as per the CDC adverse reaction reporting system ( miscarriages and fetal deaths) is concerning enough to stop the vaccination program on all women of childbearing age until all safety signals have been addressed.


Pregnancy Prenatal Chiropractic Care Info:  Heartburn is one of the main symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), affecting up to 80%Trusted Source of pregnant people. There are many reasons why GERD is so common during pregnancy. For instance, hormones can slow digestion, making a person more prone to heartburn.  Along with hormonal changes, physical changes also play a role. There is more pressure on the stomach as the fetus grows, so heartburn tends to get worse in the second and third trimesters.  In 2009, a small study of pregnant women with heartburn explored whether acupuncture may improve heartburn. Participants of the study reported improvements in their sleep and eating, which are aspects of a person’s health often affected by heartburn. Participants also relied less on medication to manage heartburn.  A small 2012 study showed that a probiotic supplement improved constipation and reflux in pregnant people. More research is needed to determine whether probiotics should be recommended for heartburn and what types are best.  Consistent chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy work to normalize and reestablish healthy function to the digestive system. This increase in nervous supply can strengthen the gastric muscles and help mitigate heartburn symptoms and decrease frequency. Lastly, Standard Process has an all natural product called Zypan which relieves acid reflux.  We carry this popular product in our office.

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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