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Lower Dementia Risk, Plus Covid Vaccine Risk Stats

As we grow older, it seems our bodies begin to speak to us a little bit more.  This communication gives us clues as to how we are feeling and sometimes how rough aging can be.  Aches, pains and internal stuff like digestion, blood pressure, cholesterol all were not a big deal in our 20’s and 30’s. An old saying goes, we spend the first 40 years of our life trying to attain wealth and the next 40 years spending wealth to attain health.


One of the biggest concerns of aging is brain health.  A common worry is dementia.  Dementia is a general term for cognitive decline.  It is a collective term that describes impairments of memory, communication and thinking.  If there is a family history of dementia there may even be more concern and fear that you too will develop dementia as you age.


That being said, a new study has found that a healthy lifestyle can lessen your dementia risk.  Scientists found that aging adults with healthy lifestyle habits had less risk of developing dementia. They study found that if you have the genes for dementia, your lifestyle habits cannot change the genetic impact, but choosing to live a healthier life, decreased the excess risk.


Six healthy habits contributed to positive changes in brain function and lessened cognitive decline.  1.  Eating whole foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Less meat, less grains.  2. Exercising at least 2 ½ hours per week.  3/ Not smoking.  4. Low alcohol consumption.  5.  Getting 6-9 hours of sleep per night and 6.  Maintaining a healthy body weight.

Scientists believe that a combination of lifestyle habits can support brain health as you age, said Heather Snyder, vice president of medical and scientific relations for the Alzheimer's Association.  Beyond exercise and healthy eating, she said, those habits include social interactions and activities that stimulate the mind.

The link between healthy living and brain health has to do with preventing “other” diseases.  Healthy habits help prevent diseases that are linked with dementia, such as heart disease and diabetes. But they may also more directly affect brain health.  Exercise, for example,  stimulates the release of hormones that "make the brain happy" and chemicals that aid in brain cell communication and growth.

This research should be used to help us change our attitudes towards disease prevention.  If we spend the first 40 years of our life trying to attain wealth and the next 40 spending wealth for health, maybe we should focus more on healthy living in the first 40 years and then we can keep more of that wealth we worked so hard to earn. 


Covid-19 Update:  The CDC has recently released their estimated fatality rate for Covid-19.  The numbers are surprising to say the least.  It definitely makes one wonder about rational news reporting.  Here is the fatality rate per age group for persons contracting Covid-19.  Age 0-19 years old  1 in 33,333.  Age 20-49 years - 1 in 5000.  Age 50-69 years – 1 in 200.  Age 70+ - 1 in 18.   Here is the CDC estimated survival rate  for all those infected with Covid-19, symptomatic and asymptomatic.  Age 0-19 years – 99.997%.  20-49 years 99.98%.  50-69 years 99.5%  70+ - 94.6%.  The overall survival rate for people contracting coronavirus ages 0-69 years old is 99%.

Covid-19 Vaccine Update.  As per the CDC website, the flu shot is given to about 165 million people per year. The average amount of deaths related to the flu vaccine for the last 3 years is 135 deaths.  When the coronavirus vaccine reached the same 156 million total vaccinations, there were reported over 3,500 deaths related to the Covid-19 vaccine.  As of this week, 4,201 people have died in the USA after receiving the vaccine. In Europe over 7000 people have died and there have been 335,000 injury reports. And the vaccination rate is way less compared to the USA.

Here is your informed consent information related to the Covid-19 vaccine:  Vaccine reactions according to CDC VAERS increased this week, from 192,774 to 227,805 adverse events.  Please note, as previously mentioned, only 17% of doctors have used the VAER system.  From CDC website:  Over 259 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through May 23, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 4,201 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports.  In addition, 18,528 serious adverse events have been reported, 13,021 requiring hospitalization.  Pregnancy adverse reactions as per CDC website:  1,140 adverse reactions, 351 miscarriages.


I post these statistics for one reason only.  Vaccine safety awareness.  It’s not about whether you should get the vaccine or not, it is about you being aware that a risk exists. The risk may be statistically insignificant to some, but if it happens to you it is 100%. Make choices knowing all the info.  These stats are from the CDC website, yet we hear nothing of this on the news.  My concern is vaccine safety not anti-vaccine rhetoric.  Make vaccines safer.  The Covid-19 vaccine has more deaths associated with it in this short time period then any and all vaccines combined over the last 15 year period. This vaccine was given emergency use authorization and had very limited testing.  The wide range of immediate side effects are being brought to the medical professions attention every day.  Long term effects will not be know for years.  Typical vaccine testing protocols are 10 years or more.  Not 6 months.  This vaccine is being distributed with emergency use authorization and according to the CDC statistics I posted above, the survival rate for Covid-19 age 0-69 is 99%.


Pregnancy and Prenatal Chiropractic News: Here is a case report from the CDC adverse reporting system concerning Covid-19 vaccination and pregnancy during prenatal period. 

 Miscarriage; patient was pregnant while taking Covid-19 vaccine;  This is a spontaneous report from a contactable Other Health Professional. A 34-year-old female patient received the first dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE, Batch/lot number: EL0140), intramuscularly on 22Dec2020 06:00 AM at single dose at Arm Right at Hospital for COVID. Medical history included ongoing sleep apnea. There were no concomitant medications. There were no allergies to medications, food, or other products. The patient did not receive any other vaccines within 4 weeks prior to the COVID vaccine. The patient did not receive any other medications the patient received within 2 weeks of vaccination. Prior to vaccination, the patient was not diagnosed with COVID-19. The patient experienced miscarriage on 29Dec2020 13:00. The patient was 4 Weeks pregnant at the onset of the event. Patient last menstrual period date was 24Nov2020. The Pregnancy due to deliver was on 07Sep2021. The pregnancy resulted in spontaneous abortion. Since the vaccination, the patient has been tested for COVID-19 on an unknown date with unknown results. Nasal Swab on 28Dec2020 was Negative. There was no treatment received for the adverse event. The outcome of event was recovering.; Sender''s Comments: The information currently provided is too limited to make a meaningful medical assessment hence, the events are conservatively assessed as related to the Covid-19 vaccine until further information becomes available. The impact of this report on the benefit/risk profile of the Pfizer product is evaluated as part of Pfizer procedures for safety evaluation, including the review and analysis of aggregate data for adverse events. Any safety concern identified as part of this review, as well as any appropriate action in response, will be promptly notified to agency, Ethics Committees, and Investigators, as appropriate.

Pregnancy adverse reactions as per CDC website:  1,140 adverse reactions, 351 miscarriages.

Best chiropractic, chiropractor practices include thorough analysis, gentle, safe and effective care, differential diagnosis to determine care plan or referral. These are the best practices.






Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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