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How Safe is Chiropractic Care?

Studies show that chiropractic care is extremely safe. Studies from around the world have concluded chiropractic adjustments, when delivered by chiropractors, are "remarkably safe." So, safe in fact, a typical chiropractor’s malpractice insurance coverage is the same as his car insurance!  Most medical doctors spend $30 -$50,000.00 a year on malpractice insurance. Some specialties are upwards of over $150,000.00 a year!!

I personally pay $1,800.00 a year in malpractice insurance premiumns.  If chiropractic care was unsafe or resulted in injuries, it would be reflected in the insurance rates.

So, to put it mildly, chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of health care.

Safety, drug-free, all natural. These are the 3 main reasons that chiropractic care is the perfect fit for pregnancy care.  Pregnancy has 9 months associated with the body going through physical changes that can cause discomforts.  Chiropractic care addresses the structural and soft tissue changes of the pregnant women's pelvis and helps to improve neural flow to the reproductive organs via the spinal nerve roots that control the autonomic nervous system.  Pregnancy and chiropractic go perfectly together.

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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