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Ear Bud Issues, Vaping and Smoking Increase Covid Risk


Wireless ear buds increase the risk of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.  250 scientists worldwide have petitioned the United Nations to address this topic as EMF radiation is associated with genetic damage, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders and cellular stress.  Protecting your hearing and lowering your EMF exposure risk is paramount for health and safety, unfortunately the only way to do that is to avoid Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices and avoiding smart devices such as appliances, thermostats, TVs and Alexa.  LOL, don’t hate the messenger. Hate what the convenience of Hi tech is doing to our health.  The bottom line is that everyone should be made aware of the risk.  What you choose to do or how you limit your exposure or not is up to you.  I for one am 100% against ear buds, due to the location of your brain and the constant emission of EMF. Also, same with your cell phone.  The cell phone is continually giving off EMF due to it’s unrelenting search for a strong cellular signal.  This is why you should never sleep with your phone next your bed.  The phone should be kept a minimum of 8 feet from where you lay your head.  On a side note, ear buds in my opinion are damaging our society.  I cannot tell you how many mornings  I say good morning to fellow dog walkers or say hello to people in the gym only to be ignored because they cannot hear me due to whatever it is people are listening to through their earbuds.


A review and analysis of 22 published medical studies has found that smoking or vaping increases your risk of severe symptoms of covid-19, especially among younger patients.  One study found on average 91% higher odds of suffering more severe covid-19 illness than those who did not smoke.  Also, teens who smoked or vaped were up to 9x more likely to test positive for covid-19 than non-users.


The CDC advisory committee on immunization practices has positively voted upon (15-0) adding the unlicensed covid-19 shots to the US childhood, adolescent and adult vaccine schedules. This vote was accepted by the CDC on 2/9/23 and the mRNA covid vaccine was added to the routine immunization schedule, including bivalent booster shots.  The addition of covid-19 vaccine to the recommended schedule does not make the shot mandatory for school attendance, but it does allow the states and local school jurisdictions to do so if they choose to.


The FDA warns that mercury fillings for teeth adversely effect people in certain high risk groups and should be avoided.  Groups identified as being high risk include all women during pregnancy, nursing women and women planning on becoming pregnant, children under age 6 and people with neurological diseases and impaired kidney function.  The FDA admits that dental fillings that use mercury release mercury vapor inside the mouth. The FDA also urges all patients to discuss non-mercury filling options with the dentist.  From my perspective any person regardless off health risks should avoid mercury fillings.  Mercury vapor is linked to a whole host of health issues and can causes illness symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis.


Sauna bathing can be used as an exercise mimicking tool. Men using a Finnish style dry heat sauna cut their risk of death from heart attacks in half using a sauna 7 days a week as opposed to only once per week.  Also a 61% less chance of stroke and lowering of blood pressure. Researchers found that the heat from controlled sauna bathing stresses the heart and body similar to exercise.  Sauna bathing also helps your autonomic nervous system which controls your body’s response to stress.


Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and a strong antioxidant which can help prevent some cancers.  A 2022 research paper found thar vitamin E may help cancer immunotherapy treatments.


Pregnancy Prenatal Chiropractic Care Info:  What is pelvic rest?  During pregnancy if certain conditions develop the OB/GYN may recommend pelvic rest.  Pelvic rest is not inserting any object into the vagina.  This includes tampons and sexual activity that includes insertion.  Some conditions that require pelvic rest during pregnancy include placenta previa, hernias, structural issues with the cervix and high risk for pre-term labor. Pelvic rest is not bed rest and has minimal impact on pregnancy and a women on pregnancy pelvic rest will still be able to carry out her daily duties and exercise.

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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