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April is a special month, as we celebrate Passover, the memorial of Jesus’s death and his Easter resurrection.  This year is extra special as we have to live our lives in an entirely different way during this pandemic. Challenges exist.  Some of us are all alone, others with big families that typically spend time together will not.  And now a priority for us all is that health is our major concern.  Some that we know may have gotten the virus or we may have family that are infected.  The rest of us are doing all we can to prevent the contraction of the virus in our own families.  It is definitely a time of quiet reflection.  A time to think of our lives and how we will continue to live in this new “normal” and the type of people we need to be to during this challenge.  Are we reaching out to others who may need a friendly voice or a kind deed?  While this past week is typically a week of kindness and caring and sharing of love, I predict as this virus continues, so will our acts of kindness.  On that note, I wish you all good health (mind, body and spirit) and all the happiness one could find during this chaotic time.


On to the health tip!!


Sort of on that note above, this week I made a short video titled “The Power That Made The Body.”  It is chiropractic philosophy that goes deeper then what we typically talk about.  You can YouTube search Doc J Zimmerman or directly through the  the link:


According to the New York Times, heart attacks are decreasing during this pandemic.  Some hospitals are down 40-60% for heart attack admissions.  One of theories is that our behavior has changed and the physical activities that tend to be triggers for heart attacks are missing. Activities like over eating, over drinking and abrupt periods of physical exertion.  On the other hand, some feel that people may be afraid to go to the hospital when they are showing symptoms and are staying home until their condition has worsened.  Doctors have actually been expecting a rise in heart attack admissions with the pandemic due to increased stress and more so because respiratory infections typically double your risk of heart attack.  The definite reasons for the decrease in heart attacks unclear. That being said, doctors are saying please do not be afraid to go to the hospital if you are having other health symptoms (like the heart), as they are completely prepared to care for these cases.


Phone calls are making a comeback during this pandemic.  Actual phone calls have risen dramatically, more so than the expected rise in internet usage.  Verizon is saying that they are handling 800 million calls a day, more than double wht they typical handle on their busiest call day of the year, Mother’s Day.


I found an article from 4 years ago in the Washingtonian, where Dr. Fauci, National Institute of Health’s director of Allergies and Infectious Diseases gave his advise on how to stay healthy.


  1. Wash your hands often, at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer, rubbing for 20 seconds if you are not able to wash your hands.
  2. Clip you nails. Germs can get under the nail. Scrape soap or hand sanitizer under your nails.
  3. Take Vitamin C and Vitamin D. It enhances your bodies fight against microbes.
  4. Take care of yourself. Sleep enough, eat well, hydrate and exercise.


Since there is not a ready made drug that fights the coronavirus (drugs like Tamiflu), doctors have been researching natural treatments that can help support the body during a viral attack.  The latest news is on licorice root (not the candy).  Glycyrrhizin, the major ingredient in licorice root, has shown effectiveness against SARS virus in scientific studies.  It has been effective in treating viruses such as herpes, HIV, hepatitis, influenza, encephalitis and pneumonia.  Glycyrrhizin outperformed conventional antiviral medications against SARS in research published in the journal The Lancet.  The substance seems to work earlier in the virus replication cycle, compared to other medications, inhibiting absorption and penetration of the virus.


Pregnancy and chiropractic:  It is vitally important for the pregnant women to be as healthy as possible during a flu season and especially with the covid-19 virus around us.  Chiropractic care can help during pregnancy by allow the pregnant women's body to function at an improved level.  Improved body function means that the body is healthier. Pregnancy and chiropractic are perfect together.  The chiropractor is a big help during pregnancy.

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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