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Chiropractor located in Galloway, Northfield, and Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Chiropractor located in Galloway, NJ & Northfield, NJ

About Dr. Zimmerman

Dr. J. Zimmerman, director of Dr. J. Zimmerman, Health First Chiropractic Clinic located in Galloway, Northfield, and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, has been in private practice since 1988. He teaches chiropractic principles and healthcare to interested groups and organizations all over southern New Jersey.

Dr. Zimmerman also lectures to chiropractors all over the country and world on how to teach their patients chiropractic healthcare. He’s married to Anne, has two daughters, and has been living in Atlantic County since 1991. Dr. Zimmerman is a fitness freak, workout-aholic, and an avid fisherman (you should see the one that got away!) He also spends way too much time as a homebrewer and beer connoisseur.

Much to his family's concern, Dr. Zimmerman still plays and coaches rugby, and is the President of the Jersey Shore Rugby Club. As a wannabe actor who has occasional parts in local productions, he can sometimes be found sitting in local movie theaters, enjoying the latest cinematic production.

Chiropractically speaking, Dr. Zimmerman is versed in many different chiropractic techniques including low-force, gentle instrument adjusting. Instrument adjusting techniques include the Activator instrument and the electrically-powered Arthrostim instrument. These techniques work extremely well and are very pleasant to receive. They’re favorites of the anxious patient who might not like the bending, twisting, or cracking of traditional chiropractic. The techniques are perfect for everyone, but especially suited for small children and the elderly with delicate health conditions.

Dr. Zimmerman also practices full spine, hands-on traditional chiropractic treatment, the kind with the cracks. Well versed in extremity adjusting, he’s helped many people with shoulder, knee, hip, arm, and hand trouble, as well as back and shoulder pain.

Dr. Zimmerman is one of the few chiropractors in South Jersey to perform cranial adjusting. Using this technique, he has helped many children with learning disorders, autism, and ADHD, as well as alleviated patient suffering from the effects of head trauma.

Caring for pregnant patients is part of Dr. Zimmerman’s expertise, and he is a certified practitioner of the Webster's Uterine Constraint technique. This soft tissue technique allows the doctor to lessen the tightness of the round ligament, which then permits babies in the breech position to move more freely and right themselves to the proper position for childbirth. This is a highly successful chiropractic technique.

Dr. Zimmerman is also well versed in nutrition for health and wellness. He writes a weekly Health Tip of the Week column which is published in two area newspapers, as well as e-mailed to his patient base and doctors’ offices around the world.

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