The Importance of a Multi-vitamin During This CoVid-19 Pandemic

During this viral pandemic, more and more people are becoming interested in learning healthy habits to keep their body functioning at an optimal level. Whether it is out of fear of catching the virus or not, it is definitely a good idea.  I have talked to many of my patients and friends and it is very nice to hear about eating whole foods and eating less sugar and junk.  It’s great to hear about everyone trying to exercise with daily walks, bike rides, runs, yoga etc.

One of the most important conversations I have seems to be repeated almost hourly.  Supplementation of vitamins, herbs and extracts to boost or support immune system function.  Topics such as vitamin D, C, zinc and elderberry usage are now the norm as these four nutrients have shown much promise in the healthy function of the body. 

Sadly, there are still a lot of people that I come in contact with that are not that concerned with their diet or taking supplements. They eat way too much processed food.  Their sugar and salt intake is above what it should be and the lack of vitamins that would keep them healthy is also absent.  For those people who do not want to make the changes necessary to be healthy, I do have one simple recommendation.  Take a one a day multi-vitamin supplement. 

One a day multi-vitamins contain most of all the nutrients we need to help the body be healthier.  A diet of processed food is lacking in vital nutrients.  A multi-vitamin, while not the answer to everything, is a much needed ritual to add to your daily routine.  And it is very easy to do.  Swallow one pill daily with a glass of water (with food in your stomach. Sometimes all of those nutrients in one little pill can cause stomach upset on an empty one). 

Here are a few more factual reasons why you should add a multi-vitamin to your daily routine.  1.  It helps with aging.  The older we get the harder it is to absorb nutrients.  2.  It’s good for your heart and decreases the risk of a heart attack.  3.  Decreases the risk of cancer.  4.  Contains anti-oxidants that boost immune system health.  5.  Provides needed eye health nutrients.  6.  Helps produce healthy hair and skin.  7. Has levels of B vitamins that help with the effects of stress and anxiety.  8.  It’s not a time consuming or expensive process.  20 seconds or less to put a pill in your mouth and fill a glass of water and all for less than fifty cents a day. 


Pregnancy and Chiropractic:  Multivitamins are essential for a healthy pregnancy.  Prenatal multivites will ensure all the proper nutrients for a maintaining health during pregnancy.  Ask your chiropractor about the essential nutrients needed.

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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