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The benefits of eating nuts! Chiropractic and childhood ear infections

Dr. J’s Health Tip of the Week:  Nuts to you!!!  According to the latest nutritional research, people who ate at least 1/3 oz of nuts per day had an average 23 percent reduced risk of death due to cancer, diabetes, respiratory and neurodegenerative disease during a decade –long study.  Previous research found that eating nuts at least five times a week lead to a 29 percent reduction in mortality risk due to heart disease; a 24 percent reduction for respiratory disease; and an 11 percent reduction for cancer.  Most nuts’ nutritional makeup closely resemble an ideal ration of the basic building blocks- fat making up the greatest amount, followed by a moderate amount of protein and a low amount of non-vegetable carbs.  The healthiest nuts to eat are raw almonds (with skin on), macadamia nuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, pecans, pistachio, hazelnuts and cashews.

Thought for the Week:  Vitamin K2 is every bit as important as vitamin D for protecting your heart and bone health; it’s essential for activating enzymes involved in transporting calcium from your arterial walls to your bone.

Chiropractic and Pediatric Ear Infections:  A case study published on July 17, 2014, in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health documented chiropractic care helping a 9-year-old girl who was suffering from chronic ear infections, neck pain, and headaches. The case study reported that the little girl was scheduled to have tympanostomy tubes placed in her ears in three weeks. Her problem had left her with approximately 60% hearing loss in her left ear and 30% hearing loss in her right ear.  In the four months prior to being brought to the chiropractor, the girl was treated with antibiotics for her ear infections five times.  In three of those episodes, her tympanic membranes had burst. In addition to the ear problems, she was suffering from neck pain and occasional but severe headaches.  The results of the chiropractic care were immediate and profound. The study records that over the first three weeks of chiropractic care, the girl did not experience a single headache. After three weeks of chiropractic care, the girl was brought to an otolaryngologist for a re-evaluation where it was found that the girl's hearing level had returned to 95% of normal. As a result of these profound improvements, the tympanostomy tubes surgery was considered unnecessary, and the procedure was cancelled.  "Numerous studies have identified positive outcomes in otitis media with chiropractic care based on the detection and removal of spinal subluxations," the authors wrote in their conclusion. "This case study demonstrated a total remission of chronic ear infections in a girl under chiropractic care."


Doctor’s Opinion Volume I, Number Seven
Dear friend:
            Each month I write you a letter telling you how the medical model of health care is collapsing, or how chiropractic is fast becoming the “people’s choice” for natural health and wellness.  Each month I show you why, in most cases, drugs are not the answer, and how chiropractic improves body function and increases resistance to illness.  This month, I’d like to ask the question:  What if Dr. J had never received his first chiropractic adjustment?  What kind of life would I have had?
            When I was eleven years old, my mother took my younger brother to a chiropractor for a problem with his lower back and hip area.  My brother’s leg was starting to turn inward due to an injury.  This injury caused my brother to limp dramatically.  My mother initially took my brother too many different medical doctors.  General practitioners, orthopedists and other specialists were not able to help my brother.  It was at the suggestion of a nurse that my mother went to a chiropractor.  The chiropractor had my brother back to normal within a few visits.  The amazing fact is that I remember my brother limping, leaving the house for his chiropractic appointment, and returning home, running without a limp!  In most cases, the story would end here, but not this time.  This is when my story actually takes an important turn.
            The chiropractor my brother was seeing was a special chiropractor.  He took the time to explain to my mother all about the natural health benefits of chiropractic care.  He gave my mother literature and had her attend a chiropractic health class.  It was because of his effort, that my mother understood the big picture and realized that chiropractic, while helpful with aches and pain, was actually about health.  She learned that the nervous system controls all body functions, and that if a vertebra is misplaced it can interfere with the nervous system and adversely affect health.
            My mother then did the unthinkable.  She brought my healthy, symptom-free father, sister and me to the chiropractor for no other reason but to check for spinal nerve interference.  My whole family began regular chiropractic care just to stay healthy.  What would have happened to me if I was never given a chiropractic adjustment?  Well, I can tell you that with chiropractic care, I spent my pre-teen and teenage years completely healthy.  I never took any drugs or medications.  I didn’t have to; I was healthy.  If anyone in my family felt like we were getting sick, we went to the chiropractor for an adjustment.  Our bodies healed themselves without drugs and without nerve interference.  Chiropractic gave me the message that drugs, in general, were bad.  I suppose that is why, when so many of my high school peers were experimenting with recreational, illegal drugs, I chose not to.
            Was my family anti-medical care?  No, not necessarily.  When there was a crisis we went to the MD.  There were many times when I had to be sewn up or somebody had to have a bone set.  When my brother was stung by 50 or 60 hornets, you can bet my mother took him to the hospital for medication.  My point is that my mother recognized the difference between health and sickness.  Chiropractic is about health care and medicine is about sickness, or crisis care.
            Where would I be without my first chiropractic adjustment?  I know I never would have become a chiropractor.  I never would have been given the chance to learn about natural, true health.  I never would have developed a passion to spread my knowledge about health to others.  I would never have been able to help as many people as I have helped over the years.  The most powerful thing about chiropractic is that you never know how one adjustment may affect another person.  When I am able to adjust a perfectly healthy child, who is to say I am not in some way preventing that child from a life of drugs, or even crime.  Did you know that statistics show there is a relationship between children who have taken the drug Ritalin and teenage drug abuse and crime?  If I could prevent one child from heading down that road, then everything I do to spread the chiropractic message is worth it.
            My life without chiropractic?  I could never imagine it.  I would never even have met my wife (She was introduced to me by one of my patients).  I would never have been able to meet all the great patients I have met over the years.  So many of you have been with me since the beginning.  That in itself, shows me you understand what I am trying to do.  And that makes me proud to be a chiropractor. 
            Years ago, I was one small boy getting his first spinal adjustment.  Who would have known where it would lead.  Thank God for my mother and her insight.  If not for her, I would not be the person I am today.  And especially, thank God for the special chiropractor, who had the passion to teach others about true chiropractic principles.  If not for him, I and many others he has inspired over the years would not be chiropractors and my family would not have been as healthy as they are….
            Until next month, stay healthy.
                                                                 Dr. J. Zimmerman

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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