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The 8 Essentials of Health.

The obvious aspects of health are the physical, emotional and mental well-being parts.  It goes without saying, eating correctly, exercising and being happy largely contribute to being healthy.  Let’s take a moment to discuss other facets or dimensions to being healthy.


Intellectual health is the expansion of knowledge and creativity. Ignoring your mind is just as bad as ignoring exercise for the body.  The mind uses inspiration as exercise and should be constantly challenged and stimulated by activities like reading, watching documentaries, artwork and taking courses in subjects that interest you.


Social health is the ability to interact with others and grow healthy relationships with the people around you. To do this, you have to develop communication skills (with the most important one being how to listen and engage in conversation).  Not just talking, but seriously listening and considering the words from another person.  A good way to develop social health is be involved in your community and family.


Environmental health is knowing and accepting that the world around you is in a constant state of flux and how the effect of your daily habits and living influences the physical environment.  Making choices that are good for the environment is ultimately good for you.


Spiritual health is having faith, belief, principles and values that give meaning and direction to your life.  Spirituality is not just church and religion.  It is also about being able to be present in the things that you do.  It’s about being curious and inquisitive and also about being able to spend quiet time with yourself in reflection of your day.


Occupational health was a tricky one. I thought it would be about being happy in your career or job.  It is.  But it is also about using your unique gifts, skills and talents in order to gain employment happiness and enrichment for your life and your family.


The last one to talk about is the easiest for me.  Neural (nerve) impulse flow.  It is an aspect of health that is taken for granted because it is unseen. You can’t eat it or train it at the gym or meditate on it.  It doesn’t happen when you go to church or work or recycle your plastic shopping bags.  But without out, life would not exist.  Instant death.  The brain has to send mental, neural impulses through the spinal cord out the spinal nerves to all of the body’s cells, tissues, organs and systems for you to not only be alive, but to be healthy.  Any blockage in nerve impulses decreases function in your body and in turn, your health.  Complete blockage of nerve impulses in certain parts of the spine can result in paralysis, organ failure and death.


As a chiropractor, the most important thing that the spinal adjustment does is remove subtle nerve impulse blockages along the spine that influence function in the body.  Adjustments improve neural impulse flow and help your body to function better and in turn improve health.


Based on my article research this week, I have come up with a new lecture: The 8 Facets to Health and Well-being!  A little time spent in each area can only mean one thing, better health for you.


Pregnancy and Prenatal Chiropractic:  Round ligament tension is caused by pelvic misalignment.  During pregnancy, as the baby develops, the pelvis starts to change position for the baby to exit.  Sometimes the pelvic joints become stuck or fixated. This causes the round ligament in the anterior abdomen to tighten.  The result is less uterine space for the baby to move and turn toward the normal head down position.  Prenatal chiropractic care focuses on gentle pelvic alignment and relaxing round ligament pressure with light touch.  This type of chiropractic prenatal care will help to ensure that your pregnancy  and delivery are the most comfortable and uncomplicated that they can be for you and your baby.



Covid-19:  As I have mentioned numerous times, my stance on vaccines has always been vaccine safety and informed consent.  Test the vaccines, make the vaccines as safe as possible and inform of us of statistical risk associated with adverse reactions. Give us the factual information that allows us to make choices as individuals as to what is right for our own body and our own circumstances.  My stance is on all vaccines, not just  Covid-19.  This is the main reason I offer you weekly updates on the Covid-19 adverse event reporting system. If it is not written about, no one would know.  And if something “weird” happened to you, you would have no clue about the listed reactions that occur.  It is not meant to discourage you, it is meant to give you the information that will allow you to have informed consent.  As previously stated, reactions are statistically minimal when compared to the overall number vaccinated. But if it happens to you, the reaction is not insignificant.


Here is your informed consent information related to the Covid-19 vaccine:  Vaccine reactions according to CDC VAERS increased this week, from 118,902 to 157,277 adverse events.  Please note, as previously mentioned, only 17% of doctors have used the VAER system.  There have been 16,417 serious injuries reported and as of 5/9/21,  Over 240 million people have been given at least one dose of the vaccine and over 100 million people are fully vaccinated.  Common reactions include arm soreness and swelling, fatigue, fever, body aches and headache. Also included are the more severe reactions such as anaphylaxis (597 reported cases).  The most common reactions are chills and fever (45,815), headache (29,662), shortness of breath (6,820 cases), nausea (16,146 cases).  Over 3000 people have contracted the covid-19 virus after receiving the vaccine.  In addition, it has also been reported on the CDC web page that 3,837 people have died after receiving the vaccine. 


In addition: 

This week’s CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data show:

Here is a link to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System.  You can look up any and all symptoms associated with the Covid-19 vaccine.  Or any vaccine.
1st, scroll to bottom of page and click on the “I agree” tab.
2nd, then scroll back to top and click on VAERS Data Search
3rd, scroll down to the vaccine products box and search for Covid-19 and select it by clicking on it.
4th, scroll down to bottom of page and click send.
This will bring you to the Covid-19 page


Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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