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Prevent and Fight off the Flu and Covid!

Zinc is crucial for healthy immune system response to viruses.  Zinc deficiency impairs immune function.  Zinc is very effective in decreasing the incidence of viral infection in the elderly as well. Zinc not only helps to control cell mediated immunity but it is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  It is very important to take quercetin with zinc as quercetin pushes zinc into the body’s immune cells. As far as covid is concerned quercetin binds to Sars-CoV spike proteins and inhibits the ability of the infected cell to spread the virus.  70% of covid patients with worse outcomes were zinc deficient, while only 30% with low levels suffered severe outcomes to covid.


The French National Academy of Medicine is stressing the importance of vitamin D against Covid-19 and the flu.  The Academy is recommending that anyone who receives a positive covid test to start taking or increase their daily dosage of vitamin D while ill.  This includes the flu.  Vitamin D regulates immune function by stimulating cells that detect presence of viruses or bacteria and triggers immune responses that destroy the pathogens (the bad guys) that are making you sick.  Vitamin D also suppresses the cytokine storm that takes place when having covid.  Cytokine storm is


Flushing your sinuses with saline spray is an effective way to inhibit progression of viral infections like upper respiratory an covid-19.  Nasal irrigation reduces the symptoms and duration of viral illnesses such as the flu and common cold. In addition, gargling salt water as a rinse daily is also a help.  I personally use Arm and Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Irrigation daily in the shower for prevention.


CDC forced to release data on vaccine injury from the V-safe database.  Excessive covid vaccine injuries are now made public.  This is different from the CDC vaccine adverse event reporting system.  The V-safe data base had 10 million users of which, 7.7% of users had to seek medical care after vaccination.  According to worldwide data, Most covid-19 deaths are occurring among the fully vaccinated and boosted.  Excess mortality worldwide has increased since the roll out of the vaccination in all adult age groups, at the same time we are no longer seeing mass death from covid.  Life expectancy average has decreased by 3 years since the pandemic began.


Maintain good eyesight well into your senior years.  Believe it or not, eyesight is dependent on lifestyle.  There are important nutrients that help maintain vision and can even stop deterioration of your vision.  Lutein, astaxanthin, omega 3 fats and vitamin C are the main nutrients.  Foods high in lutein include egg yolks, spinach, avocado and bilberries. 


African Nations fared much better than other countries during covid pandemic despite having underdeveloped and fragile healthcare systems.  The case fatality rate in Africa is lower than the global fatality rate when adjusted for population.  Researchers surmise that due to the low rate of preexisting health conditions, younger average national age and less chronic disease led to less death from covid.  Researchers also state that the typically higher outdoor lifestyle in Africa raised vitamin D levels which helps prevent severe cases of covid-19.  Coincidently, Africa has one of the lowest covid vaccination rates of 24.4% compared to global average of 69%.


Diabetes in young people expected to surge almost 700% by 2060.  Type 2 diabetes in 20yr olds and under us typically caused by lifestyle issues including lack of exercise and poor nutrition which leads to obesity.


Pregnancy Prenatal Chiropractic Information:  Tylenol manufacturers and retailers are being sued in US district court of New York.  The lawsuit claims that acetaminophen taken by pregnant women, harms the fetus.  Attorneys for the pregnancy side of the lawsuit allege that acetaminophen use during pregnancy can cause children to be born with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  According to the Attorneys who represent 100’s of previously pregnant women (expecting that number to turn into the thousands), “Autism and mental health development or mental development issues touch a huge number of Americans. We believe the science indicates that taking Tylenol can cause many of these problems, period. We think the science backs this up, we think the biology backs it up, and we are eager to prove that in a court. “The goal here is not to take Tylenol off the market. The goal here is to put a warning on it so that doctors and expectant mothers are able to make an intelligent decision of what risks they will expose their child to during pregnancy.”  Women were typically told that acetaminophen use during pregnancy was safe for their aches and pains.  The bottom line is that no drugs are safe for the developing fetus during pregnancy.  Obstetrical chiropractic care for the aches and pains during pregnancy is 100% natural and drug free!


Chiropractic care is the most conservative and effective care for people with neck pain, back pain, headaches and sciatica. Chiropractic techniques vary from doctor to doctor.  Yet all techniques are beneficial to all patients with neck pain, headaches, low back pain and sciatica.  See a chiropractor near me!

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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