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Covid-19 Vaccination Information

One of the most difficult topics for me to write about is the subject of vaccines.  Not that the topic itself is tough to write about, there is a ton of information to choose from.  What makes the topic difficult is that the reader response sometimes can be a bit harsh, which can be difficult for me to grasp since I have never wrote an article that said do not get vaccinated.  I have also never wrote an article that said vaccines do not work.  My stance on vaccines has always been one of two things.  Vaccine safety and full disclosure / informed consent.  For me, vaccine safety is along the same lines as automobile safety.  An advocate for automobile safety wants cars to be safer so less people are injured or die from and automobile accident.  My stance on vaccines is the same.  If vaccines could be made safer so that there is less chance of the average person having an adverse reaction or dying from an injection, I’m all for it.  My other issue, full disclosure / informed consent is about the known side effects and reactions of vaccinations.  I feel if a vaccine can statistically cause a certain adverse reaction to a percentage of the population, please let me know prior to the injection what that reaction may be.  Once known, I can either consent for the shot or not. 


Full disclosure is the standard in all of medicine.  The surgeons tell you risks before surgery.  All drugs have inserts in their box that lists possible side effects and reactions (though it is up to you to read it).  The most obvious example is drug commercials on television.  The commercial starts out with families running in the park on a nice sunny day amongst the flowers and butterflies telling you all the great things the medication can do for your illness, but because of federal law on advertising, the commercial ends with a list of all the bad things that can happen from taking the drug.  My favorite is the side effect of suicidal thoughts and depression for anti-depressant drugs.  But, once again, this is called full disclosure / informed consent.  They tell you what can happen, you decide if you want to take the risk.


My issue is that this doesn’t happen with vaccinations.  Doctors tell you that you need a shot (flu, shingles etc.) or they tell you your child is due for their vaccinations (mumps, DPT, measles, etc) and they just give it to you.  No discussion of if there can be a reaction or the percentages of adverse events that can occur.  There is no full disclosure.  No informed consent, just consent.


You may be saying, reactions to vaccinations?  I have never really heard of any.  For the most part you do not hear of such a thing.  But it happens.  If it didn’t happen the federal government would not have a vaccine injury compensation fund that has given out 4.4 billion dollars since the fund started in 1986, averaging 216 million dollars a year in injury payouts.  All tax payer dollars.  


So I am hoping that you have read the above carefully and fully understand how I feel about vaccination.  I’m for safer vaccines and I am for letting the public know the percentage of risk.  That’s it.   That being said, I will continue my article.  One of the most common questions I am asked about in my office is how do I feel about the Covid-19 vaccination.  There have been close to 9000 office visits in my practice the last year and the thing that I have been asked the most about is the covid-19 vaccine.


 I will do my best to explain this vaccine to you so that you will have the information to make your own decision on what is best for your health.


The vaccination is not really a vaccination per say.  It is not modeled after or follows the same protocol as the typical vaccination.  The Covid-19 vaccine is a molecular gene therapy.    The covid-19 vaccine is call the mRNA vaccine.  mRNA are strands of genetic material.  As you know,  genetic material is responsible for making you who you are and also what you will become.  mRNA strands are placed in a special coating of which it is primarily made of lipids, aka fat.  Once in the body’s cells, the mRNA gives instructions to the cells on how to make a spike protein.  Once the protein spike is on the cells surface, the protein causes the immune system to start making anti-bodies and activate T-cells to fight off what the body thinks is an infection.  This prepares the immune system so that it is ready to protect against a future SARS-Covid-19 infection.


One of the main controversial and debatable concerns is that the mRNA is a synthetic, man-made RNA and is not normally free in the body.  Arguments are made that the synthetic mRNA can change the body’s genomes causing genetic mutations in future generations.  According to a statement on the CDC website,  the mRNA never enters the center of the cell, its nucleus, so it cannot alter or modify someone’s genetic make-up.  What is difficult for me doing my research was that there were many papers that repeat the CDC’s statement of no genetic involvement and many sources that claimed the opposite.  In addition, another major concern on this vaccination was the speed the vaccine was developed. Average vaccines may take 10-20 years of testing and vetting using animal studies and control groups before it is on the market for public use.  This was made available in less than one year, with zero animal testing.


When one of my patients asks me if they should get the vaccine, my answer is that you have to weigh out your risk factors.  Are you above a certain age?  Do you have underlying health conditions?  Are you overweight by 30 or more pounds?  Do you have a healthy lifestyle?  Eat right? Exercise?  Vitamin supplements?  If you answered these questions yes for above a certain age, underlying health conditions, overweight and no for healthy lifestyle, you are at a higher risk for having a severe covid-19 illness and the vaccination could be a good idea for you.  It’s all about risk factors. Are you high risk or low risk? Do you have family members who are high risk?  Again, it comes down to informed consent and making the decision that is right for you.


I urge everyone to do their own research and then make a personal decision as to what is best for you.


Covid-19 Vaccination information:  As part of informed consent for your personal information here is the latest reported events from the CDC vaccine adverse reaction reporting system (via their website) to help you make your own health care decision concerning the vaccination.
As of 3/14/21,  105 million people have been given at least one dose of the vaccine.  Adverse reactions total 25,072 (Of the 25,000 reported events, common reactions such as arm soreness and swelling, fatigue, fever, body aches and headache are included. Also included are the more severe reactions such as anaphylaxis (292 reported cases).  The most common reactions are chills (over 4545 cases), headache (6499 cases), shortness of breath (3,800 cases), nausea (over 3891 cases).  Also, 856 people contracted the covid-19 virus after receiving the vaccine.  In addition, it has also been reported on the CDC web page that 1174 people have died after receiving the vaccine. 


Here is a link to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System.  You can look up any and all symptoms associated with the Covid-19 vaccine.  Or any vaccine.


1st, scroll to bottom of page and click on the “I agree” tab.

2nd, then scroll back to top and click on VAERS Data Search

3rd, scroll down to the vaccine products box and search for Covid-19 and select it by clicking on it.

4th, scroll down to bottom of page and click send.

This will bring you to the Covid-19 page.


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Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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