Chiropractor discusses why the chiropractic experience may not be the same for everyone

Chiropractors Thought for the Week:  I saw an interesting post on Facebook recently. The post was titled something like "Why everyone should see a chiropractor."  The comments were very positive. Which was nice to see. Usually, Facebook tends to have a large amount of chiropractic haters mixed in with the positive comments. The only negative comments that I read concerned people who went to a chiropractor and it did not help their condition or they had a bad experience with the chiropractor they had chosen. The odd thing about those negative comments were that the writers all tended to write off the value of the entire chiropractic profession based on their one experience with a chiropractor.  This would be analogous to me never using a car mechanic again and bad mouthing the entire automotive repair industry if the 1st and only car mechanic I went to couldn't fix my car or left a bad taste in my mouth for some other reason. In chiropractic, as in any other profession on the planet, some chiropractors are more skilled at what they do then others. The trick to being satisfied with your chiropractic experience is to find a chiropractor that is highly regarded in your community. Do your friends and family members use the chiropractor and enjoy their experience? Ask them who they go to. Look for honest Google reviews. Reviews are a big help. And if for some reason you are not happy with your chiropractor choice, look again. There are 80,0000 of us in the USA.  I am sure there is one chiropractor that can be a match for you.

My name is Dr. J. Zimmerman and I am a chiropractor.  I have been in practice for 27 years.  My chiropractic practice uses many different chiropractic techniques to improve bodily function and restore health. My chiropractic office is located in Galloway Township (the Smithville section) of Atlantic County, NJ.  You can contact me for more chiropractic information at Health First Chiropractic Clinics,  609-652-6363

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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