Chiropractic Trends: Wellness, Pregnancy and Pediatrics

As a practicing chiropractor with over 30 years of experience, it is easy to see the trends that occur in the chiropractor's office.  In the early development of chiropractic (1895-1950 ), chiropractic's main focus was health care, removing nerve interference so that the body could properly function and express itself. The next half of the century (with the inclusion of insurance coverage) saw chiropractic care move towards back and neck pain cases, even though the same chiropractic overall health benefits continued to be present.  In the last 15 years, it seems that the emphasis (while still pain related) is shifting back towards more overall health and wellness. More and more people are using the chiropractor like a gym membership, just for the health of it. And more and more pregnant women and small children are coming to the chiropractor for the natural drug-free health benefits.  I like this trend!

In addition to my general practice in chiropractic, my specialties include chiropractic obstetrics (pregnancy care) and pediatrics.  I have been actively involved in pregnancy care and pediatrics for 30 plus years. I have spent many hours on extra training in these subjects and I am also certified by the International Chiropractice Pediatrics Association in specialty pregnancy care.  Since I am involved in the care of the pregnant patient, once the baby is born it is completely natural for the mothers to bring their new born child to my office for a post childbirth check-up. The delivery process often places stress on the newborn childs cervical (neck) spine and the resulting disruption can lead to many different health conditions such as colic and ear drainage issues which can lead to ear infections. 

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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