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As we turn the corner in USA, here are your Covid-19 Facts

Here we are heading into the summer season.  This time last year, I was fairly confident that the coronavirus would be coming to and end and life would be returning to normal by early fall.  I was wrong.  The virus picked up sone steam and continued to be a big issue for us over the winter time.  Thankfully, as we head into spring and summer, there is a light that can be seen quite clearly at the end of the tunnel and a lot of us our breathing a collective sigh of relief as caseloads and hospitalizations drop and our country begins to open back up for normal use. 


The virus caused a lot of controversy around the world and continues to do so with many different theories and expert opinions on the nature of the virus including diagnosis, prevention and spread rate.  Over the last year, I have spent more time researching, reading papers and sorting through the BS then I care to admit.  Some weeks I was putting in at least 6 to 8 hours of coronavirus “study.”  That being said, what I would like to do now is present what I have learned to be coronavirus facts concerning this pandemic to help us navigate through the news reports and expert opinions presented.


My biggest issue is not with the science, but how the science is presented and then ignored.  For instance, I have heard many doctors talk about scientific facts and then weeks later when asked questions give answers that not only ignore the science they talked about a few weeks early, but also contradict their earlier statements, even though the science has remained the science.  This has driven me nuts and I became very frustrated at some very obvious contradictions.  I will present facts  concerning covid-19 for you to choose how to interpret and what to do with them.  Afterall, it basically comes down to knowing as much as possible about a subject and then making your own educated decision based on what you know.


Covid-19 has a high spread rate, it typically spreads 3 x faster than the flu virus.  The virus gives flu like symptoms including a loss of taste and smell to most people who catch it.  The symptoms can vary case to case and some people who catch it may have very mild cases barely knowing they have had it and others more severe and end up in bed for a week.  The worst case scenario of this virus is the acute, extremely severe cases which require emergency medical care.  These cases end up in the hospital and can easily turn to life or death situations.


Science has shown us that  severe cases that require hospitalization target categories of patients. The more severe cases typically effect people over age 65 and people with underlying health conditions.  Science has also shown us that people with low vitamin D levels are more susceptible to severe cases of the virus. Obesity also is a major concern for contracting severe covid-19.  Obesity is defined as being 30lbs or more over weight.  We have also learned that regular exercise and eating wholesome foods, lessens your chance of acquiring severe covid-19.  The extreme severe cases of covid-19 can and have ended in death, as evidenced by the over 550,000 deaths in the last 15 months.  The overwhelming vast majority of these deaths have occurred to people who fit in the categories listed above.  But as with the annual flu virus, deaths can and do occur out of the statistical norm, and we are shocked when the death of a young person or an extremely healthy athletic adult occurs.  This is not the norm for either virus and does not make the deaths less tragic when they occur.


As I mentioned previously, the virus spreads at a rapid rate.  The virus spreads through droplets in the air and we were told to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus.  The purpose of the masks is to prevent germs leaving or entering your respiratory system through the air.  Masks have been very controversial during this pandemic.  The only masks that are over 90% effective for virus prevention are the medical grade N95 medical masks which stop the vast majority of viral particles. The typical cloth masks and disposable masks that are worn by most all of us to get inside stores or out in public areas are not as effective at stopping viral spread and only stop large particles of the virus.  On a bright note, stopping large viral particles is better than stopping none.  But please recognize the difference in risk when choosing to wear or not wear a mask and the type of mask that you choose. FYI – Bandanas are not considered a mask.


Another spread factor mentioned early on in the news is asymptomatic carriers of the virus.  According to science and statements made by the CDC, WHO and the head of the US Presidential Commission on Covid-19 (Dr. Fauci), “asymptomatic people are not drivers of this viral transmission.”  The virus is actively spread by people with obvious symptoms – coughing, sneezing, runny noses, etc. To date, the same organizations and experts contradict their prior statements and continue to site asymptomatic spread as a concern.


Outdoor transmission of the virus is another area that was ripe with contradictory statements.  According to the science, the odds of catching the coronavirus outdoors is almost non-existent. The only way you can catch Covid-19 outdoors, other than someone directly sneezing or coughing in your face, is in a large, tightly packed crowd.  Walking down the street, passing people as you walk, will not catch you the coronavirus.  Science reports that your chances of catching the virus increase if you maintain close contact (in direct area with a person, less than 6 feet apart) for 6 or more minutes.


The most recent contradiction to science comes with the increase in vaccination rates.  As per the vaccine manufacturers, CDC and the head of the US Presidential Commission on Covid-19 (Dr. Fauci), the vaccine is designed to prevent severe cases of Covid-19 and keep people out of the hospitals.  It is not to prevent the spread of infection.  It’s effect on infection spread is reportedly minor, if any at all.  You can still catch and spread the coronavirus once vaccinated.  The contradiction is that the same experts and all of the talking head doctors on the news continue to say that everyone must get vaccinated so that we can stop the spread of the virus and reach herd immunity.  I would prefer they would say the truth and tell everyone to get vaccinated to lessen their chance of catching severe Covid-19 and ending up in the hospital and dying. 


The other issue that barely makes the news is immunity from Covid-19 vaccination is reportedly 6 months.  Natural immunity from Covid-19 is 7-9 months.  The manufacturers of the vaccine have recently announced that there will be over 2 billion vaccines manufactured and ready to go for 2022 so that everyone can receive booster shots.


On the subject of the vaccine, the drug insert included with the vaccine says that the vaccine is unapproved and is only utilized under the emergency use authorization (EUA) by the US government. It goes on to say that under the EUA the vaccine distributors must meet the following requirements:  Fact sheet on the vaccine effects and side effects must be communicated to all individuals receiving the vaccine and the vaccine provider must report all adverse symptoms and reactions.  The insert goes on to say that “The significant known and potential risks and benefits to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine and to the extent such risks and benefits are unknown.” The underlined emphasis on risks and benefits unknown is mine.


The CDC on its website has a page called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  This page exists for all vaccines, not just Covid-19.  What is interesting about VAERS is that only 17% of doctors nationwide reported ever using the VAERS system.  Vaccine reactions are massively underreported as evidenced by the fact that almost 4.4 billion dollars has been paid out for vaccine injuries since 2006 by US government tax dollars.


One of the requirements mentioned above concerning the Emergency Use Authorization is that possible effects of the vaccine must be communicated to its recipients and its risks explained.  This is called informed consent.  I do not see this happening.  Family members that have received the vaccine were given no such explanations.  As part of informed consent for your personal information I give to you cases of reactions so that you know that the vaccine is not risk free and you can make your vaccine choice knowing your risks.  The risks, when looked at statistically, are minimal.  Unless it happens to you, then it is 100%. None-the-less, everyone should be made aware so that their choice is their choice. 


Vaccine reactions according to CDC VAERS took a significant leap this week, from 85,926 to 118,902 adverse events.  Please note, as previously mentioned, only 17% of doctors have used the VAER system.  This means these numbers are substantially under reported.  There have been 12,619 serious injuries reported and as of 5/1/21,  Over 200 million people have been given at least one dose of the vaccine and over 100 million people are fully vaccinated.  Common reactions include arm soreness and swelling, fatigue, fever, body aches and headache. Also included are the more severe reactions such as anaphylaxis (597 reported cases).  The most common reactions are chills and fever (45,815), headache (29,662), shortness of breath (6,820 cases), nausea (16,146 cases).  Also, 2,269 people have contracted the covid-19 virus after receiving the vaccine.  In addition, it has also been reported on the CDC web page that 2,848 people have died after receiving the vaccine. 


Here is a link to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System.  You can look up any and all symptoms associated with the Covid-19 vaccine.  Or any vaccine.


1st, scroll to bottom of page and click on the “I agree” tab.

2nd, then scroll back to top and click on VAERS Data Search

3rd, scroll down to the vaccine products box and search for Covid-19 and select it by clicking on it.


4th, scroll down to bottom of page and click send.

This will bring you to the Covid-19 page


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