5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care That You Did Not Know About

US News and World Report lists top 5 conditions taken care of by the chiropractor that people are not aware of. Chiropractic care is a systematic approach to approving the overall function of the human body by improving neurological impulse flow to the systems, organs and cells of the body. While chiropractic care in and by itself is not a treatment for disease or conditions, spinal adjustments performed by the chiropractor can improve health. In the popular press, it  has been reported recently that care from the chiropractor is of major benefit to people suffering from the following conditions. 1. Headaches.  Research shows that spinal adjustments are an effective way to treat tension headaches and headaches that begin in the neck. 2. Stress and anxiety. Chiropractors work primarily with the spine – the root of the nervous system through which nerve impulses travel between the brain and the rest of the body – and can help the body manage and process this stress in a healthier way. 3. Fibromyalgia. In one study, 60 percent of the subjects treated by a chiropractor experienced a significant improvement: reduced pain, improved sleep and decreased fatigue. 4. Weakened immune system.  Adjustments have been shown to reduce the stress on the nervous system, thereby boosting the coordinated responses of the nervous and immune systems. One research group found that when an adjustment was applied to a subluxated area, the white blood cell count collected rose significantly, improving the body's infection fighting capabilities.  Another study measured the effects of six months of regular chiropractic care on the immune system function of HIV patients. At the end of six months of care, the patients who had received regular adjustments showed a 48 percent increase in the number of CD4+ T cells, whereas patients who had not been adjusted showed an 8 percent decrease in CD4+ T cells.  5. Flexibility.  A study performed by researchers at the Phillip Chiropractic Research Centre of RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that chiropractic adjustments increased range of motion in the 105 patients who participated in the study. There were three phases of this study, in which each of the participants was given no adjustments, fake adjustments or true adjustments. In each phase, the patients who were given the true adjustments showed a significant improvement in range of motion, which was not the case for the other two groups.

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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