34-40% of CoVid-19 patients are asymptomatic

Many of our United States are heading towards opening up and loosening stay at home orders for the CoVid-19 pandemic.  It is important to note as we re-accustom ourselves to getting out in public and doing more activities, a recent Center for Disease Control report stated that 35-40 % of people who have CoVid-19 virus are asymptomatic.  Meaning zero symptoms what-so-ever.  This means that a person who has the asymptomatic version of the virus has no clue that he has the actual virus and can spread CoVid-19 to other people. 


As a health care practitioner who is in daily practice seeing patients, this was of concern to me for the safety of my patients. I myself needed to make sure that I was not one of the asymptomatic virus carriers, so I have been doing lab testing for the virus and to test for anti-bodies to see if I had been exposed to CoVid-19.  Thankfully I do not have the virus or have ever had the virus.  This is also big for me because I come home to my family every day and do not want them to be exposed to CoVid-19.  Two of my immediate family members are also in the target audience of pre-existing conditions that could make contracting a severe case of the virus fatal.  This is why I take major precautions in my office to make sure my patients are not only safe, but I am safe. 


Masks are worn, social distancing is taking place, tables and rooms are wiped down with disinfectant sprays, hands are scrubbed with alcohol / peroxide mixtures, plastic shields are up and even immune system boosting and anti-germ essential oils are constantly misted through our office air.  The point I would like to make as we begin to loosen our stay at home orders and businesses start to open, please keep in mined that asymptomatic people can spread this virus and you could be one of the asymptomatic people. 


That is why it is still important to wear a mask, social distance and continue to wash your hands at regular intervals. Back on March 8th I filmed a Coronavirus video explaining the virus, how to handle your health during the outbreak, precautions to take, what to not worry about.  You can find the video on my YouTube channel Doc J Zimmerman.  I hit the nail on the head with accurate, beneficial information that everyone could use to stay CoVid-19 free and to lessen the fear and anxiety. 


That being said, my video also feel short in a couple areas where I made a few mistakes that in hindsight, I really had no way of knowing until the viral pandemic moved further along.  My first mistake is a made a lot of flu / CoVid-19 comparisons.  The first being is I had no idea of the spread factor.  It took a while to see that this virus spread to three times as many people from person to person contact than the flu did. Plus, the spread factor is what but a drain on the healthcare system in areas with high amounts of cases like in New York and New Jersey. 


I also made an error in comparing how the flu turns into pneumonia at the end run in severe cases.  The CoVid-19 virus made the lungs a priority and pretty much attacked there first not at the end like the flu virus.  The odds of having the flu and recovering before getting pneumonia are fairly high in the flu, due to the lungs usually being afflicted last.  With CoVid-19, the attacking of the lungs first in severe cases is what made this virus deadlier. 


Other than those two errors that I made early on, my main points of my early video are still 100% accurate.  To deal with this virus or any virus, the immune system needs to be supported. And at the risk of beating this topic with sledgehammer, please pay attention to the food you eat (whole food, less sugar), exercise regularly, sleep enough, reduce worry and anxiety through mindfulness exercises like meditation and deep breathing (which also helps your lungs be strong and healthy), chiropractic care for immune function support via nerve pressure release and please keep taking your immune support supplementation (D3, C, Zinc, Quercitin, elderberry extract).


How many of you grow parsley in your garden?  Think about making a cup of parsley tea to have a few days a week.  Steep your parsley leaves and flowering seeds in hot water for a few minutes.  I have a large parsley plant that survived the winter and I was trying to figure out what to do with all that parsley. It turns out that parsley high in anti-oxidants (fights cell damage), may prevent kidney stones, high in vitamin C, has cancer fighting properties and it actually tastes good as a tea (to me anyway).


Concussions and Chiropractic:  

One of my side specialties is the care of patients who have suffered from concussions.  Cranial adjusting as well as cervical adjusting is a big help to concussion recovery and in my practice the concussive patients that I care for show major improvements in symptoms.  That being said, a research study reported on in “The Scientist” explained how important sleep is in concussion recovery.  Concussive patients who did not get a decent night’s sleep when compared to non-concussive patients who did not get a good night sleep demonstrated slower reaction times.  Concussive patients spend less time in REM sleep, which is the periods of deep, restorative sleep that a lack of leads to slower reaction times and can lead to brain performance issues.  Balancing nervous system function from the brain to the rest of the body with chiropractic care can help the body have deeper and more frequent sleep periods due to less nerve stress.  Very important for concussive patients.



Pregnancy and Chiropractic:  Morning sickness is one aspect of pregnancy that is not fun.  Nausea is a horrible thing to suffer from every day.  The good news is there is a percentage of chiropractic pregnant patients that have morning sickness symptoms ease after thier chiropractor gives the spinal adjustment.  How can that be?  Chiropractors improve nervous system function which controls all systems in the body. Pressure on the vagus nerve in the spine can cause nausea, relieving pressure in this area may be of help during pregnancy.

Dr J. Zimmerman, Chiropractor Dr. Zimmerman is a practicing chiropractor from Galloway, NJ with 30 years of chiropractic practice.

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